Box Jumps

Box Jumps Jump Mechanics: Begin with both feet on the ground. Drop your hips back, maintaining a straight spine while at the same time, swinging your arms back to help load your legs. Explode your legs and hips while swinging your arms forwards. Lift both knees up towards your chest. Land with two feet on the box. Return back to the floor, landing on both feet. Load: 2 Waist Perform: 3 sets of 10...

Side to Side Blocking...

Side to Side Blocking Drill

14 Unique Exercises

14 Unique VertiMax Training Exercises

Lateral Speed

Lateral Speed Elite Skills Training Jayson Granger and Janis Timma Vertimax 7 w/ Tony Falce

Korey Harris Basketball Drills...

Korey Harris Basketball Drills

Ladder Drill Jun16

Ladder Drill

Ladder Drill for Speed

Monster Vertical Power...

Monster Vertical Power – Summer 2016

Sprint demo Jun16

Sprint demo

Sprint Demonstration at Proof Fitness in Lexington (w/ Baylee)